Digital Marketing

With both a BA in Marketing (April 2016, emphasis in digital) and an active Google Analytics certification, I have a rich understanding of both front- and back-end digital marketing, from content creation to data analysis. View my LinkedIn profile to see my previous marketing experience, awards I’ve won, and projects I’ve been involved in.

Web Design

Reach your consumers online with a simple, elegant, yet powerful website that is fully responsive between desktop and mobile. Contact me for pricing and availability.


Content Writing

Need a script written for your promo video? Content for your website or blog? View my writing samples to see the wide variety of styles I am able to tailor for your project.




Throughout my life, I have always had an insatiable thirst for knowledge, innovation, and most of all, creation. I began my college career working to become a medical doctor, but after putting in hundreds of hours of my personal time writing witty content, directing videos, and developing fun and original concepts, I started listening to those around me who told me that I needed to shift gears and enter a field with more creative freedom. I believe that a good idea is one of the most powerful forces in existence and that approaching situations creatively is infinitely more potent than looking for the answers in a guidebook. I am passionate about finding new ways to connect with people and I develop what I see in my mind’s eye with surgical precision.

I am currently attending Utah Valley University earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing with a minor in Communications, all while cultivating my love for the written word. I have also had the amazing opportunity to become fluent in a second language, Spanish, by way of living in Guatemala for two years while serving a full-time mission for the LDS church. I am a believer that everyone should try anything at least once, and as such I have become a man of endless hobbies; I can be found shredding on my skis, swinging along the golf course, cruising through skateparks on my scooter, spiking over a volleyball net, sprinting around a soccer pitch, or blasting people away in tournament paintball games. My wife Julia and I currently live in our native Provo, Utah.